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Stereoscopic v 1.3 released

Op 2012-08-14 12:28:29 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

You can download Stereoscopic v 1.3 here or in projects/Depth extractor.

It is a Win32 installer. De Linux AMD64 version will come soon.

Example of what you can do with stereoscopic

Op 2012-08-12 02:55:59 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

I did some image processing with Stereoscopic on this 3D photo I found on 3D Proch (taken by user Rayoliteuk).

Link to webpage

The result is a 3D model of the image:

The photo was taken with the camera that is mentioned below.

Buying a 3D camera

Op 2012-08-11 02:26:43 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Yesterday, I was thinking about buying a 3D camera. This way I could actually make photographs and test stereoscopic on them.

The model I have an eye on is pricy (429 euros).

It will be fun though because then I should be able to convert 3D photo's into approximate 3D scenes.

Maybe I will add a 3D scene viewer/ model-exporter to Stereoscoptic 1.3 (or to a later version). (I already have one, i just have to integrate it.)

The camera I am willing to buy.

Accidentally deleted Stereoscopic GUI v 1.3

Op 2012-08-09 08:00:11 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Today I accidentally deleted the GUI of Stereoscopic v 1.3.

It worked fine under Linux, but I want to build a Win32 version. I did however have a backup, but it will be a day of work to get the GUI back to its most recent state.

Some features of Stereoscopic v 1.3 are:

* Multi-core processing
* Quality of match / Parabolic output convolution (Experimental)
* Pre-filter
* Horizontal linear interpolation (Experimental)

The second bullet may raise some questions, and I am not going to explain that (for now).
The third bullet says that first the images are pre-processed before performing the main processing stage.

For this, I have used a rank filter.

I got the idea from this paper, which I have partially read:


[4]H. Hirschmüller and D. Scharstein.
of cost functions for stereo matching

In IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and
Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2007),
Minneapolis, MN, June 2007.

A previous post on this webpage says that the quality of stereoscopic isn't that good. There will be an improvement of quality in v 1.3.

You might want to get a peek at the projects/Depth Extractor section. The featured test data has been re-tested with stereoscopic 1.3.

New article about the midpoint method

Op 2012-05-21 12:07:27 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Recently I have written an article about the midpoint method. It gives a proof of its correctness and it discusses how to apply the midpoint method for second order ODEs.

Also, some aspects of implementing this integrator are discussed.

The article can be found here:

Article on the Midpoint method (for second order ODEs)

Linear and Quaternion Algebra Template Library

Op 2012-04-16 11:41:57 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Hello dear viewer,

Below, you can find a link to a C++ template based algebra library I wrote. With this library, you are able to manipulate small matrices e.g. 16x16 entires, vectors and quaternions:

Linear and Quaternion Algebra Template Library

It is template based, in such a way that you have to specify the size of the matrices/vectors at compile time. This gives some performance gain. I have encountered several other libaries (usually included within some library, which I consider to be inferior). Note that this doesn't always hold. There are professional libraries, that do better in the general case. This library is supposed to score because it it simple. You can use it to build a game, or a physics simulation (that's where I use it for). A nice thing about this library is that it is contained in a single header file.




Op 2012-04-16 11:12:04 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Hello everyone, has been renewed.
This site has mostly been translated to English.
You might find some Dutch here and there. Sometimes this is intentional, sometimes it is not.

I would guess that many non-Dutch reading visitors would press the back button when they would find a non-English site. I usually leave when I find a German page.

You may also have noticed that the domain-name simply forwards to



Op 2012-04-16 09:49:03 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Dag iedereen,

Sinds vandaag is deze website ook te bereiken via

Met vriendelijke groet,


Een gelukkig nieuwjaar

Op 2012-01-02 10:29:24 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

Zie titel :).

Disappointing quality stereoscopic

Op 2011-12-18 09:08:58 posted by Wouter Buddingh'.

The output of the stereoscopic application is a bit disappointing. The algorithm only gives good output in example cases. I was planning on releasing stereoscopic v 1.3 building on the same poor basic algorithm. If there will be a new version, it will be based on a new approach.

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